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Diana Gibney profile - We Love Ireland


Diana Gibney - - We Love Ireland

Where do you get your Irish inspiration from these days? If you said Instagram, you’d be like the other thousands of people (if not millions) all over the world that scroll Instagram every day looking for inspirational content from the Emerald Isle, and landscape photographer Diana Gibney has that in abundance…Her impressive grid is a constant source of Irish inspo. Mix hidden gems, vibrant tones, Irish landscapes  As you can imagine, a mixture of those three talents and you’ve got yourself a very fashionable Instagram account to follow…


Diana Gibney - - We Love Ireland
Diana Gibney - - We Love Ireland

Please tell us a bit about yourself ?

Hi everyone, my name is Diana,I live in Dublin, but I’m out on the road most of the time, exploring the beauty and landmarks of Ireland. I’ve always been an artist at heart…I sketch, I paint and I have a huge interest in interior design. Everytime i visited a place I visualised it from a certain angle, in a certain light so when one day I (quite literally) woke up and decided that I want to be a photographer, everyone thought it was the most natural thing for me to do. I enjoy Landscape Photography which allows me to travel and discover hidden gems, but I’m also working on building a Fashion/Editorial Portfolio.

What would you say is unique about your style ?

I can’t say I have a particular style. I like being creative.I like vibrant tones, clean shots and i try capture as much detail as I can. I would like to think that when someone looks at one of my images,it draws them in and tells them a story. I never use presets , I edit each image individually, depending on the mood or vibes i want them to project.

Where are your favourite spots in Ireland for getting those picture perfect shots ?

I like capturing the real, traditional beauty of Ireland.I am fascinated by Irish culture and heritage, if there’s ruins of a castle or an abbey, I’ve either photographed it, or I’m planning to…..So far, I’ve enjoyed Co. Kerry, Co. Mayo and Co. Galway the most .

Please can you share the TOP 3 photographs (in your opinion) that you’ve taken and write one sentence about each ?

1. Carton Lake House :

This reminds me of my grandparents countryside house…in the middle of nowhere and quite the same size now that I think about it, but somehow, it could accommodate the entire family at Christmas. My best childhood memories are in that house.

Diana Gibney - - We Love Ireland

2. Irish War Memorial Gardens :

Something dreamy about this place…I love the architecture,it brings you on an imaginary trip to Italy. and who doesn’t love Italy ?
Diana Gibney - - We Love Ireland

3. Lighthouse in the dark :

I took this photo for the “Darkness into Light ” event this year. Mental health is a touchy subject for me. The message I wanted to send was that there will always be a beacon of light even in the darkest, stormiest seas.

Diana Gibney - - We Love Ireland

Are there any destinations in Ireland that are high on your list to visit ?

Oh, my list is never ending! however, my biggest wish is to get to shoot Fastnet Lighthouse during a storm. I’m also planning a trip to Sligo and Northern Ireland over the next few weeks.

Three people (living or dead) you’d invite to dinner ?

Sigmund Freud – Austrian Neurologist
Leonardo da Vinci – Polymath
and one of my favourite photographers – Jimmy Nelson


*All images in the above article were captured by photographer Diana Gibney

For more information on Diana’s work, you can visit her social media accounts below:

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