Irish born Landscape & Aerial Photographer with a deep passion for Irish landscapes. Particularly those along Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way. Gareth is one of the most recognised and respected content creators on the island, one quick search on social media and you will find 100’s of pages sharing Gareth’s incredible content –  His main goal is to boost tourism by creating awareness towards Irelands hidden beauty and we think its safe to say Gareth is definitely ticking that box!


Please tell us a bit about yourself ?

I’m a landscape/aerial photographer who travels Ireland & its islands in search for stunning scenes to capture & share with the rest of the world. Finding beauty in Ireland is the easy part, it’s the planning, hiking & finding time which is difficult. I also do a little Astro work as I’m fascinated by space. Photography for me isn’t a job, it’s my life! Every free moment I have I’m either capturing or editing photos & ill never stop what I love doing.

What would you say is unique about your style ?

I like to edit my photos in a very vibrant style & bring out the colours which are captured in scene. Some viewers compare some of my images to paintings or dreamlike which is what I aim for. I always try to capture as much detail/interest in any photo I capture. The more details & sharper the photo the better, as I’m not a fan of those minimal landscape scenes, such as smooth water or plain vistas with no foreground interest.

Where are your favourite spots in Ireland for getting those picture perfect shots ?

It would have to be County Donegal mainly due to it having everything in a photographers list. Mountains, forests, dunes, islands, Wild Atlantic Way & it’s perfectly lined west coast for stunning sunsets. Some of my favourite spots are An Grianan Fort, Mt Errigal, Slieve League & Gweedore.

Please can you share the TOP 3 photographs (in your opinion) that you’ve taken and write one sentence about each ?

1. Moonrise over Grianan Fort:

Lots of planning to waiting for the correct time of year alignment.

2. Tory Island Puffin:

Took me 10 years to finally reach & capture, got the Puffin with a beak full of fish.

3. Dunluce castle Aurora:

Largest solar storm in years which lasted 10 mins in which I captured this photo before it dwindled away.

Are there any destinations in Ireland that are high on your list to visit ?

There are so many locations on my list its finding the free time which sadly holds me back. I have yet to visit Cork so Mizen Head, Skellig Michael in Kerry, more of the eastern side of Ireland such as Wexford/Wicklow etc

Three people (living or dead) you’d invite to dinner ?

Ansel Adams, Peter Lik & Isaac Newton

*All images in the above article were captured by photographer Gareth Wray

For more information on Gareth Wray’s work, you can visit his website or social media accounts below:

All his beautiful photographs have caught the eye of many, including Irish Immigrants that love and miss the Emerald Isle.
‘A large portion of my followers is made up from Irish immigrants; they often say the photographs give them a sense of home sickness making them want to return to Ireland.’

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    Good pictures in back ground of bluestacks mountains with sheep in the picture gareth got good eye with photography beautiful done


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