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Gargee Hiray - We Love Ireland


Gargee Hiray -Old Cottage Killarney- County Kerry - We Love Ireland

Ireland is bursting with creative content creators, however one outstanding newbie is Dublin based content creator Gargee Hiray. Her social media grid is simply exploding with Irish travel inspiration! Following this lady and you’re bound to see plenty of brilliant Irish landscapes and attractions shot from different perspectives. It’s fairly impressive what Gargee can do with a phone camera too. Incredible views, fantastic framing and visually satisfying images that don’t disappoint.


Gargee Hiray - Blarney House, Cork - We Love Ireland

Please tell us a bit about yourself ?

My name is Gargee and I am from India. I am currently living in Dublin and have been in Ireland for almost 4 years. I have always loved travelling so through that, an interest in photography developed. It was always interesting for me to look back at the travel memories through photos. I remember growing up I had a disposable camera and after a trip I use to be so eager to get those film developed to see those photographs. I work in Information Technology so most of my work is related to logic because of which I could not pay much attention to my creative side until last year, where we all had to pause. I started my account in July 2020, where at first I started sharing photos from my previous travel journey. Later on I started taking photos on my phone of all the places where I could go within my 5k. Going out for walks became more interesting and I started looking forward to them. It was only during last Christmas that I invested in a basic DSLR camera and have been enjoying the experience ever since. I still take pictures on my phone though.

What would you say is unique about your style ?

To be honest I am still trying to figure out a unique style however for me it is always about capturing the moments which I could cherish forever and when I glance back at those photos it should always remind me of the amazing time I had spent their. So I try to freeze those pixels as best as I can.

Where are your favourite spots in Ireland for getting those picture perfect shots ?

I went to Killarney for the first time this year and I fell in love with it. I mean wherever you look, it is simply so dazzling. You don’t need to search for creative angels for taking that picture perfect shot it is just so beautiful. Gap of Dunloe has been the best experience, I was blessed with amazing weather and it just felt magical surrounded by those amazing mountains.

Please can you share the TOP 3 photographs (in your opinion) that you’ve taken and write one sentence about each ?

1. Steps at Torc Waterfall

It was taken in Killarney during this summer. Killarney has this luscious greenery everywhere and those steps felt like they were the path to paradise .

Gargee Hiray - Torc Waterfall Killarney National Park - County Kerry - We Love Ireland

2. Grand canal

So during lockdown this was my go to place I use to almost visit it every day. Simply strolling by felts so calm and quiet. I have actually experienced all the seasons – here the refreshing rain, beautiful sunshine, gorgeous autumn and the cosy winter.

Gargee Hiray - Grand Canal at Autumn - We Love Ireland

3. Jaunting cart ride – Ross castle

This photograph was taken when I was returning back from Jaunting cart ride and I was close to Ross castle when this horse drew close to me he was so adorable. I was sitting tight for him to look upward so I could take a shot but he was probably hungry and was busy grazing the grass.

Gargee Hiray -Ross Castle- County Kerry -We Love Ireland

Are there any destinations in Ireland that are high on your list to visit ?

Yes, so many to be honest but Connemara has been top of my list for quite a while along with Donegal hopefully, I will visit them soon. Ireland has so much to offer and would love to soak in all the experience as I can.

Three people (living or dead) you’d invite to dinner ?

Mark Zuckerberg

Taylor Swift

Hrithik Roshan


*All images in the above article were captured by photographer Gargee Hiray

For more information on Gargee’s work, you can visit her social media accounts below:

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