One of Ireland’s most acclaimed landscape photographers Matthew Murphy, the 29 year old has always been fascinated with the photography process, exploring the relationship and experimenting with various types of cameras before purchasing his first DSLR, it was from that moment that his hobby turned into a passion and career. He has a great eye for capturing an epic scene that will make you feel as though you are there. The compositions, concepts and execution will blow your mind; they’re truly captivating.

If you have noticed your love for the Wild Atlantic Way across social media has been growing , many of Matthew’s images may well have been responsible!


Please tell us a bit about yourself ?

Hi everyone, My name is Matthew and I’m a landscape photographer from the incredible Kingdom of Kerry. I have been taking photos for many years now around our beautiful Country. You can usually find me along the coast exploring and snapping some photos when I’m not at work. And when I’m not out taking photos I’m usually at home sharing my photos with everyone on my Instagram page or printing my photos for my website, which Is one of my favourite things to do. Apart from photography I like going for walks with a coffee from a local coffee shop (or horse box), or trying out a new Gin from one of our amazing Irish Distillers!

What would you say is unique about your style ?

My work tends to be a bit moody. My aim is to create a sense of mood and feeling when you look at one of my images. I tend to use long exposure quite often to give a sense of movement which helps with this.

Where are your favourite spots in Ireland for getting those picture perfect shots ?

I’m a big fan of anywhere along the Wild Atlantic way really, but if I had to pick my favourites I would say Dun Chaoin and Rossbeigh Beach for sure. Its very obvious I’m a fan of these locations from my social media. Slea Head Drive is like a playground for photographers and has so many amazing gems along the way. Rossbeigh Beach is just spectacular for sunsets and there are so many elements of the beach to get that creative shot.

Please can you share the TOP 3 photographs (in your opinion) that you’ve taken and write one sentence about each ?

1. Gap of Dunloe Cottage:

My favourite shot which I brought back to life with some lighting.

2. Rossbeigh Beach Sunset:

Fiery Skies at Rossbeigh Beach are just spectacular.

3. The Dark Hedges:

The Kings Road as it is famously known as in Game of Thrones.

Are there any destinations in Ireland that are high on your list to visit ?

I have one location that I still haven’t managed to get to and that is Skellig Michael. Its number one on my list and I’m making it my mission to get on that Island as soon as the season re opens for business! Watch this space.

*All images in the above article were captured by photographer Matthew Murphy Photography

For more information on Matthew’s work, you can visit his website or social media accounts below:

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