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Ollie Gleeson- Tour Guide

Ollie offers entertaining walking tours of Ennis. Well known for his humorous style of tours, Ollie brings the history of his hometown to life – where he and many generations of his family grew up.

Ollie offers four different tours:

  • Doolin Food Tour
  • Cliffs of Moher from Doolin
  • Best of Ennis Walking Tour
  • Ennis Virtual Tour

1. When did you decide you wanted to become a tour guide? Was there a particular “Aha!” moment?

I was 19, living in Munich, Germany and money were running low. My German wasn’t great so I was getting nowhere with my job hunt. A local I had made friends with was doing guiding part-time and was telling me about it. I Applied for a job at the largest tour operator in Munich, became the highest-rated guide in Munich that year. I returned home to Ireland and have been guiding ever since. I love my job.

2. What makes a great tour group for you?

I am people curious. I love hearing about other people’s lives. I learn a lot from them. I want to get to know the people on my tour and it is for this reason, all my tours are 12 people or less.

3. What parts of your tour still excite you?

On my Cliffs of Moher Tour from Doolin, there is a corner we turn. As the group walk around the corner with me, we are greeted with our first glimpse of the Cliffs of Moher. The view from this point is out of this world. I still say wow every time I go there (and I go there a lot!)

4. Every guide brings unique strengths or special interests to their tour. What are yours?

People tell me I bring passion, enthusiasm, and humor to my tours. I genuinely love giving tours and I’m happy that people see my passion shine through.  A lot of my reviews comment on my storytelling ability. My tours are less about facts, figures, and dates but more about helping people truly understand what happened through vivid and captivating stories.

5. Where in Ireland do you want to travel that you haven’t gone yet?

I would love to visit Slieve League in Co. Donegal.

6. Here’s what “this tour guide” won’t tell you…but his customers will:

“Stop reading this review, and BOOK THE TOUR. Not only was Ollie’s storytelling and tour top notch, he helped me plan a legendary proposal. Ollie went above and beyond to make sure the moment was captured at a breathtaking location from multiple angles. He even surprised us with a bottle of champagne! If I could give him and the tour a 10 star review I would. The experience he helped create will live in our memories forever. Thanks for everything Ollie!” – Nick S. | AirBnB Experience Review

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