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The Merry Mill: Irish Business

Eat Well and Be Well is the mantra that the Scully family live by and it was this philosophy that inspired Kevin and Jenny to produce premium organic, gluten free products on their family farm.

For years organic farmer Kevin Scully grew oats to feed his cattle, until one morning his youngest daughter, Niamh, asked what he was feeding the cows. “I told her it was a kind of porridge, and Niamh asked could we eat it. I told her we could if we removed the hulls. and so an idea was born for a new business – The Merry Mill.

“Eat Well, Be Well”

Now Kevin, his wife Jenny and their 4 daughters grow oats which are harvested with their own combine harvester – ensuring that they are gluten free. They are then milled for porridge and ground for flour.

They believe that health is the root of all happiness, good food is medicinal and when you do what you love and love what you do, the future is very bright. The Merry Mill continue to play their role in the food revolution that is happening in Ireland. They are forging wonderful relationships with their customers, stockists and suppliers and use local talents to compliment the process from local bakers to potters.

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